Clean air and water - a gift and yet absolutely valuable

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In a short time our knowledge has multiplied and led to a rapid increase in people's power. As a side effect the habitat earth is existentially threatened and overstrained in many areas. In order to survive permanently, we must make our lifestyle absolutely sustainable so that our life support system does not fail.

Many of the man-made problems arise because nature does not have a stakeholder to communicate the value of natural resources to us. If you accept an agent who sells us resources against his own currency, products receive two independent prices (see chapter 22. As before, the classical price evaluates human performance and ownership, and the second price evaluates resource consumption. The visible resource price combined with a limited budget changes consumer behavior towards more sustainability.

Something needs to be changed urgently and quickly. When ecosystems deteriorate and it is all about survival, negotiations and orderly international agreements are difficult to achieve. This can already be seen today in environmental refugees, the competition for raw materials and fertile land.

The very first objection is: "This will never work!". But: we have also invented our classic money. Why shouldn't we succeed again?

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